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About Us

Learning Methodology

As a team we focus on students learning the practical aspect of teaching and understanding children. For this reason, we have included various activities like -Internships, workshops, field trips, observation sessions, peer review of classes and lesson plans, worksheet preparation and classroom discussions apart from the teaching periods handled by experienced faculties.

We provide them a happy learning experience where they don't hesitate to ask, question or share feedback and suggestions. We prepare them to be active participants in class and in life.

One thing we have always told our students is that when they are in the class they should provide an experience which qualifies learning.


We provide AIECCE issued ID- Card, Certificate, Mark sheets and books for NTT students.

Exams and Results

Exam in May/June and Result in August/ September conducted by AIECCE.


The certificate of training is from COUNCIL OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING.

Placement Assistance

Get 100 % support and assistance in securing suitable placements.


We believe that teaching is as much a learning experience for the educator as it is for the student. Professional Development happens on a day to day basis daily through all our interactions, especially during the workshops. These ensure they are above to understand methodologies, be able to integrate subjects, think out of the box, go beyond subject knowledge, improve student outcome, include technology and acquire new skill sets.

During the academic year 2019-2020 we organized various workshops which were open to teachers of all schools in Kerala. Experts conducted workshops on areas such as Assessment techniques, Storytelling, Song and rhyme, Integration of methodologies etc.

Practical Learning

Beyond what students get to learn from their course and internship program we believe it's essential that they participate in interesting activities, sessions, lecture series, celebrations organized in various schools in Kochi.

This is to ensure that they understand the kind of planning that goes into these programs and are also able to appreciate the variety and richness which is inherent to school activities.

Our teachers observe and share a report which consists of mainly two aspects- what went well and what could have been improved. This engagement is important so that they keep these in mind and plan wisely in class and otherwise.


After the first level of the one year NTT program our students step out of their classrooms and enter preschools in Kochi as interns. They are supported by the main teachers in these pre schools in Kochi.

They complete 135 hours (45 Days) of learning, exploring, understanding and sharing of best teaching practices while they are amidst experienced teachers.

Why have we made internships an important element of our 1 year course?

Internships provide them an opportunity to practically experience how it is to be in a class, understand classroom management, learn to work with other teachers, understand the need of children rather than just teaching them round the year how one should teach or guide young minds.

Other Programs

Spoken English and Personality development classes are conducted with this training programe.